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Everyone wants a mega-watt smile, especially if you have a special occasion coming up or even to feel more confident at a job interview or some just want that fresh, clean look every day.

Here are some tips and tricks Dr Roy wants you to know before you get gleaming

  1. It is crucial that you get a dental exam done to ensure your mouth is healthy and free of cavities or gum disease. Teeth Whitening products work most effectively on problem free teeth. So, healthier teeth first and whitening next.
  2. We all like and want immediate results and opt accordingly, but bleaching your teeth several shades in one day with an in-office laser treatment may not be the most comfortable option. Bleaching can cause sensitivity, and even sometimes soreness in the teeth or mouth. Dentists use a special desensitizing paste before performing whitening procedures to avoid increased sensitivity and discomfort, but some sensitivity following bleaching is considered normal. According to Dr Roy, in-office whitening procedures can jumpstart the whitening process followed by professional take-home kits sold in dental offices which work very well to keep your pearly whites, white. In this case he reckons slow and steady is better than the fast and furious.
  3. It’s best to avoid staining drinks and food after you bleach your teeth.
  4. Toothpastes may not be the effective in teeth whitening. They may abrasively help in removing some light staining like cigarette smoke or coffee stains but won’t change the colour of your teeth.