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Modern. Comfortable. Friendly.


A little bit of pampering goes a long way to helping people of all ages feel relaxed and calm. It starts from before you even arrive with our simple online booking system. Then, when you walk in the door our staff greet you and ensure your initial needs are met whilst you move into the superbly furnished waiting area that offers a high degree of comfort and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. From here you have access to some simple yet very effective extras that help you to walk away with a better smile than when you walked in.


Immerse yourself in the amenities of Cairns Dental Boutique to make your visit a truly pleasurable experience.  Kick back and unwind in our spacious lounge room with the most magnificent views of the mountains. We can organise a hot/cold drink beverage from the variety of choices at the refreshment centre.  Sit at the iPad bar to browse the internet or to read virtual publications while taking in the aroma of speciality candles.  No matter what amenities you indulge in, the experience is truly yours.

  • Hot and cold beverages while you wait (including our own lemonade and iced tea)
  • iPads
  • Wifi
  • Brushing station


When your appointment commences, you are ushered into our modern and immaculate treatment rooms, from where you have a great view of the beautiful mountains tops and listen to your favourite music via headphones. We also use the very best in pain management technology to ensure even the most nervous patient feels at ease during appointments.

For kids

Some kids love the ride on the dental chair. Some kids are simply excited and are filled with all kinds of questions and some are nervous, scared and in tears.  We have seen it all and know how to manage kids of all ages and with the best staff and the most patient dentist on board. If you have a child who squirms every time they hear the “D” word, come and talk to us first. We can plan a way to make their visit more fun and happy and leave them wondering what all the fuss was about.



Our team is led by its Senior Dentist and practice owner, Dr Roy Jindal. His experience in both dental practice and teaching at James Cook University, provides the basis for a very high level of skills and care that only time and knowledge can provide. Roy takes great pride in keeping up to date with the latest techniques and equipment, because he knows that by constantly improving himself he is improving Cairns Dental Boutique and most importantly, your dental health.


As a local business, we have the freedom to manage our practice, our way. For this reason, we spend more time to getting to know who you are, as we appreciate that different people have different needs and feelings about their oral health. Personalising our services to you means we can tailor solutions to exactly meet your requirements and ensure you are highly satisfied with the results. To achieve this, we take the time to discuss your needs with you and provide simple and clear advice.

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