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Cosmetically Restore Damaged Teeth



Cairns Dental Boutique has been offering beautiful porcelain dental crowns for many years now. Our clinic invites you book a consultation session to discuss future restorative work for your teeth.

Historically, people knew dental crowns to be constructed with gold alloy and from other metal alloys, however, this is no longer the case in the dental profession. At Cairns Dental Boutique, we use the most superior and best materials to offer Cairns residents Porcelain Crowns to cosmetically  restore severely decayed or damaged teeth. The result: a beautiful smile, 100% functionality of the teeth and more self-confidence.


Three situations when and why are dental crowns are needed

Firstly, when a tooth has decay only in the visible portion above the gum line – a tooth-coloured filling may not be enough to correct the decay so a crown can be used to cover the tooth entirely. It will preserve the tooth and prolong its life.

Secondly, if decay has extended into the tooth’s root – Endodontic work may also be needed to remove the decay and preserve the teeth of the jaw bone and surrounding teeth.

Lastly, when a tooth is missing altogether – a dental implant can supply an artificial root, and a porcelain crown can be attached to it to provide a new tooth.


What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a cap-like shell that is permanently cemented to the tooth and gives it an entire new surface and shape. Dental crowns can be placed over any tooth, back or front and are sometimes a good solution for a large metal filling which has become old and threatens to crack the tooth. That filling can be removed and a porcelain crown placed over the tooth to strengthen and preserve it.

What about dental bridges, how do they work?

A dental bridge is just like a crown only it is supported by the teeth either side. A bridge can be created to treat multiple teeth similarly to a crown with the single prosthetic and provides a realistic natural result as it is created the same care and materials as a single crown.


Berenice Southon

Dr. Roy is a great dentist who cares for his patients and does what is best for them. We all go to him because he is clear, explains everything so we understand and gives us options, even when we think that there are no options left. Cairns has an excellent professional in him.

Luke Melody

By far the best dentist in Cairns! The dentistry is first class, with the most modern equipment I have experienced, including HD photos so it’s easy to understand what’s going on with my teeth. The chair is a modern marvel, and the dentist and hygienist, as well as the friendly receptionist, are very professional. What makes it really special is the attention to detail…Highly recommend!



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