Dento-Facial Aesthetics – Dermal Fillers in Cairns

Eliminate Wrinkles & Relieve Facial Pain

At Cairns Dental Boutique, we’re proud to offer fast, effective, and highly customized Dento-Facial Aesthetic treatments right here in our office. This treatment is popular with many of our patients — both women and men — and safe for almost everyone. Whether to relieve dental pain or make your skin look smoother and younger, it truly works like magic!

Contact us to schedule your consultation. Or let your dentist or our staff know you’re interested and we’ll discuss this revolutionary treatment at your next visit.

What are Dento- Facial Aesthetics/ Dermal Fillers?

Dento- Facial Aesthetics popularly known as Dermal Fillers is a natural and non-surgical treatment designed to relax muscles and eliminate tension. This is fast becoming the number one cosmetic procedure in Australia and has a 97% patient satisfaction rate! But many people don’t realize that beyond just aesthetic improvements, it can also treat common dental concerns like jaw pain, grinding, and gummy smiles.

What can Dermal Fillers do for you?

  • Prevent tooth grinding and clenching
  • Reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches
  • Treat TMJ disorder
  • Fix a gummy smile
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Enhance lip shape & lift eyebrows

Cosmetic Smile Make Over

From jaw to teeth — a total smile enhancement

Do you have missing, broken, or severely damaged teeth? Unhappy with the appearance of your smile? Don’t let your health and confidence suffer any longer. Our dental team have helped patients restore the look and function of their smiles through a full mouth rehabilitation treatment.

We’d love to evaluate your situation and put together a personalized treatment plan that improves your health and smile. Give us a call today at 07 40323236 to request an appointment.

A full mouth rehab treatment requires careful planning and combines multiple treatments for optimal results. At our office, your happiness is our primary goal. We’ll address problems, protect your teeth, and restore the beauty of your smile and ensure your comfort from start to finish.

What’s involved in a full mouth dental rehabilitation?

A full mouth dental makeover is all about improving the health of your entire mouth, correcting concerns like:

  • Missing teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • TMJ disorder
  • Broken teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Crooked teeth

Full mouth rehab treatments

  • Dental implants
  • Crowns
  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Dental bridges
  • Dermal Fillers

What to expect from a full mouth rehabilitation:

We’ll use 3D imaging technology to ensure we have the full picture of your dental and gum health and can make the best diagnosis. 

Work with Dr. Roy to create a cohesive, effective treatment plan focused on helping you achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile. 

Talk to our patient coordinator to understand the cost of care and develop the best timeline for completing your treatment.

We’ll start treatments according to the timeline outlined in your care plan, ensuring you’re comfortable and happy with the results

Dr. Roy and our entire team pull from their years of experience and training to complete your rehabilitation with the utmost care and precision.

How long does full mouth rehabilitation take?

Your treatment may take anywhere from several months to up to a year or more to complete. Your treatment timeline depends on the specific procedures included in your care plan. We’ll fit the timeline to meet your needs, such as spacing out treatments to maximize your insurance or account for other financial needs.

Does dental insurance cover a full mouth makeover?

Depending on your specific dental insurance plan, you may be eligible for some coverage of treatments. We’ll outline the cost of each treatment and your financial options before starting treatment.


Enhance your natural beauty

If you have cosmetic concerns about your teeth, porcelain veneers are one of the quickest, most dramatic ways to improve your smile. We like to refer to veneers as “instant orthodontics” — the faster, simpler way to align and perfect your teeth without the need for braces.

Veneers are thin, durable, and custom-made porcelain shells for your teeth. This treatment effectively covers up and protects your smile from stains, cracks, and chips.

Our office takes an artistic approach to dental veneer treatments. We make sure your finished smile looks as natural and seamless as possible. People will wonder what your secret is to such a perfect, stunning smile!

A fresh new smile in just 2 visits

Visit #1


Your first visit involves preparing your teeth for the veneers. We’ll make room on your teeth by removing some enamel (about the thickness of a fingernail). We’ll then take an impression of your smile, sending it to our local dental lab to custom fabricate your veneers. 

Visit #2


About 7 – 10 days later, you’ll come back to our office for your second visit where we’ll permanently attach your porcelain veneers. We’ll give your smile a gentle cleaning and bond the veneer to your tooth with special dental cement. Your veneers feel and look just like your natural teeth, but better!

Common problems veneers can fix

  • Spaces and gaps between the teeth
  • Uneven or crooked teeth
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Severely discoloured teeth

We love to make you smile

At Cairns Dental Boutique, we’re proud to offer high-quality porcelain veneers treatments in Cairns. We’ve transformed hundreds of smiles with rave reviews from our patients. We just love making you smile! During your initial consultation, we’ll help you understand exactly what to expect and answer all of your questions. Every visit to our office will be a relaxing and enjoyable experience — your comfort and satisfaction is our pleasure.

Teeth Whitening

A brighter white smile is one of the most common dental desires. With our easy, comfortable teeth whitening treatments, you don’t have to put up with a smile you aren’t happy with.

Persistent stains from drinking coffee, tea and red wine develop over years and often leave your smile looking dull and discoloured. Tobacco use can also make your teeth turn dark and yellow.

Teeth whitening treatments can brighten and freshen your smile and remove years of stains, providing you with a younger, rejuvenated smile. At Cairns Dental Boutique, we offer both In-Office and Take-home tooth whitening procedures. Both options are safe and harmless.

Teeth whitening treatments at Cairns Dental Boutique

Home teeth whitening

Cairns Dental Boutique home whitening program enables you to whiten your smile yourself, in your own time and place. Your home whitening kit includes tooth whitening solution and custom-made plastic trays that perfectly fit your upper and lower teeth. An impression is taken of your bite. From this, your whitening trays are fabricated. You simply place a small amount of the whitening solution in each of the trays and fit them to your upper and lower teeth. The solution gently whitens the enamel surface of your teeth.

In-office teeth whitening

The In-office teeth whitening completed by dentist, unlike home-use systems that incorporate low-dose bleaching agents, in-office whitening takes place under carefully monitored conditions which allow for the safe, controlled, pain-free use of a relatively high concentration of bleaching gel – yielding results that are visible immediately